Commercial RO

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water Softner

Features: Softenizer incorporate the proven technique of counter flow regeneration Prevents corrosion and scale formation due to calcium and magnesium salts Light weight equipment, easy to install, doesn’t require civil work Single lever multiport valve makes it easy to operate Zero maintenance as FRP vessels and PVC pipes are corrosion resistant Higher flow rate can be met by installing additional units in parallel Comes with one combined salt tank of corrosion resistant form with fitting and brine filtering media

Price : Rs, 42,990 Rs, 35.000

500 LPH RO Plant

Description Features Technology : Membrane Based, (Size: 40x40) Electricity : 1680W/Ac-220v/440v, 50Hz Filtration : Suspended Solids, Chemical Impurities, Bacteria like Cryptosporidium, Pseudomonas, and Pathogens e-coli. Pre Filtration : Sand Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Micron Filter-5 &10 Post Filtration : Ultra Filtration, ULTRA VIOLET Design to Work : TDS up to 6000ppm, Hardness 3600mg/I Operating Mode : Automatic + Manual Monitoring Accessories : Display/MMIC Panel, Pressure Gauges, Flow Meters etc.

Price : Rs, 2,90.000 Rs, 2,45.000

250 Lph RO Plant

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This produces quality water at the flow rate of 250 litres per hour. It can work continuously for 8 to 9 hours per day besides 0.5 hour to 1 hour for back-washing of the filtration system. RAW WATER ANALYSIS This water treatment system is based on the following water analysis: Sl. No. Parameter Analysis Value 1. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) 2000 ppm 2. Turbidity 1 NTU 3. SDI 4 4. Heavy Metals nil 5. Organics And Bacteria nil 6. Oil And Grease nil 7. Residual Chlorine nil 8. Temperature < 40˚C 9. Color Colorless 10. Odour Very Less Odour 11. BOD & COD nil 12. Total Hardness 850 PPM END WATER QUALITY Sl. No. Parameter Analysis Value 1. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) < 100 ppm 2. PH 7.0 ± 0.2 3. Turbidity nil 4. Color nil 5. Hardness < 50 ppm RO PLANT OPERATING CONDITION Sl. No. Parameter Analysis Value 1. Feed Flow Rate 650 Ltr 2. Product Flow Rate 250 LPH 3. Rejest Flow Rate 400 LPH 4. Recovery 35 % to 40 % TREATMENT SCHEME Sl. No. Description Raw Water Storage Taken (By Client) 1. Raw Water Transfer Pump 2. Multi–Grade Filter 3. Activated Carbon Filter 4. Antiscalant Dosing System 5. Micron Filter ( 20 micron & 5 micron ) 6. High Pressure Pump 7. RO Module (Membrane & Membrane Housing) 8. Flushing/Cleaning System Products (Pure) Water Storge Tank (By Client) The end water quality is achieved subject to: Feed quality should be same as required. In case of any change in the quality of raw water, the same may have an implication on the operating parameters and End-Water quality of the system. Feed limiting an implication on the operating Para meter and end water quality of the system Feed limiting condition is to be strictly maintained and operation of the water treatment plant should be strictly followed in totality as per the operating manual and instructions.

Price : Rs,2,15.000 Rs, 1,95.000

usha water Cooler 80/120

Price : Rs, 44,900 Rs, 44,590

Usha water cooler SS 20/40

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Price : Rs, 25,500 Rs, 25,400

Voltas Water Cooler 20/40

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Price : Rs,28,000 Rs, 27800

Kent 25 Lph

Double Purification by RO & UF with TDS controller Secondary purification by UF after RO ensures enhanced water quality throughout service cycles Patented TDS Control System retains essential natural minerals in purified water Spin-welded RO Membrane Housing to prevent tampering LED indicators for power and purification process display Fully automatic operation with auto-start and auto-off Built-in SMPS to operate within 160-300V AC voltage Push fit components for leak-proof performance ABS construction for corrosion free lifespan Suitable for raw water from all types of sources like borewell, overhead storage tanks, water tankers and even municipal taps. Purification Capacity 25 litres/ hour Installation Attachment to water coolers Body Material ABS Engineering Plastic Fliter Cartridges Sediment, Activated Carbon, Carbon Block, UF RO Membrane (2) 1812-75 GPD UF Membrane 0.01 Micron Min. Inlet Water Pressure 0.3 kg/cm2 Input Voltage 160–300V AC (50Hz) Operating Voltage 24V DC Dimensions L415 W222 H410 (mm) Product Available

Price : Rs, 32.000 Rs,31,500

100 Lph Ro Plant

Product Description Capacity: 125±15 ltrs/hr†. Fully Automatic, Skid Mounted, Institutional RO Drinking Water Station consisting of: 4 nos. of 17" pre-filters. 1 no of raw water suction pump. 1 no. of DOW FilmTec RO Membrane. 1 no. of High pressure booster pump. 1 no of anti-scalent dosing pump. 1 no of LPS & pressure guage 1 no of integrated dosing tank of 100 ltrs. 1 no of integrated pure water storage tank of 100 ltrs. with auto ON/OFF Magnetic Level Controller. For an institutional size of 100 to 600 persons. Duty cycle: Continous @ 24 hrs, 3000 ltrs/day. TDS Rejection†: 93±3% Permissible input water quality† (TDS Max.): 2000 ppm Dimensions: W 28" x D 21" x H 62". Product Available

Price : Rs, 65,000 Rs, 55,000

50 Lph Ro Plant

Double Purification by RO & UV with TDS controller Computer Controlled Operation with Filter Change Alarm & UV Fail Alarm. After a pre-set time, Filter Change Alarm is audible which indicates time to replace the filters. If filters are not changed within next 60 hours of use, the purifier stops functioning, to avoid the possibility of impure water delivery In case the UV stops functioning, UV Fail Alarm is audible. The purifier does not function until the UV lamp is replaced to ensure the delivery of only 100% pure Spin-welded RO Membrane Housing to prevent tampering Push – fit components for leak – proof performance Fully automatic operation with auto-start and auto-off ABS construction for corrosion free lifespan Equally suitable for water from all sources such as bore-wells, overhead storage tanks, water tankers and even municipal taps Purification Capacity 50 litres/ hour Max. Duty Cycle 250 litres/ day Storage Tank Capacity Optional Fliter Cartridges Sediment, Activated Carbon, Carbon Block RO Membrane (4Nos) UV Lamp Power 11 Watt Inlet Water Pressure(Min) 0.3 kg/ cm2 Input Voltage 24 VDC Dimensions L450 W260 H870 (mm) Net Weight 27.500 kg Standard Warranty 1 year on Parts & Labour 1 year on RO Membrane 6 months on Filter Cartridges Product Available

Price : Rs, 39,490 Rs, 34,000

30 Lph Ro Plant

Item specifics Condition: New: A brand-new, unused and undamaged item. See the seller's listing for full details. See all condition definitions Brand: Aqua Fresh Duration: 1 year Type: Reverse Osmosis Warranty Details: warrenty only for manufacturing defect Capacity: 25 Warranty Partner Name: Aqua Warranty: Manufacturer Warranty Warranty Conditions: 1 YEAR WARRENTY ONLY ON ELECTRIC PARTS

Price : Rs,18,990 Rs, 16,990